Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elton and Son

This photo is begging for a caption. Any ideas???
(....a few days later...) 
OK, your responses came in on Facebook: We love Elton, but we couldn't resist when we saw this picture. Here are the winners.  

Warning for the faint of heart: 
they get naughtier and meaner as they go on....
  • welcome to the world, Yes, I'm your crazy looking queer dad, You're going to be just fine!
  • "Stop, Elton! That's not a gummi baby!
  • I can buy you a wig just like mine--all right two wigs.
  • ...And so the seed for decades of an inexplicable, yet recurring, nightmare is planted.
  • ‎"you look as tasty as a jar of rod stewart's splooge!"
  • ‎"Is that you Daddy? ... *erp* I think I just said goodbye to a yellow brick!"
  • you're worried about this queen eating his own child? HAVE YOU HEARD HIS LAST RECORD???
  • Ahhhh " Look what just fell out my ass!"
  • This reminds me of Goya's horrific painting of Saturn devouring one of his childen. It's in the Prado in Madrid. Find it online and compare. Would make a hilarious "Separated At Birth" side by side.

  • Future hit lyrics for son: "I would have liked to have known you, but I was just a kid, / your talent burned out long before your voicebox ever did."
  • "Will you digest faster??? Daddy's run out of mousse!!!!"
  • ‎"No more wire safety pins!!!!!"
  • Brent said: ‎"If placentas are good for smoothing your skin, imagine what a moisturizer made from real babies'll do!!"
  • David replied: You were a real baby once. How'd you like to be made into moisturizer?
  • Brent responded: If I were in a bottle on George Clooney's nightstand?—I'd love it!!

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